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1. Putty and Caulks

2. Pipe Joint Compounds and PTFE/Tape Packing

3. Solders, Fluxes and Cleaning Compounds

4. Wax Gaskets, Cold Solder and Lubricants

5. Oils and Leak Detectors

6. Boiler and Heating System Compounds

7. Plastic Pipe Cements

8. Plastic Pipe Primers and Cleaners

9. Drain and Waste System Cleaners

10. Cloth and Accessory Items

11. Brushes

12. Closet Bolts and Closet Screws

13. Toilet Bowl Accessories

14. Packaging Material

15. Marking Paint and Tapes

16. Roof Flashings

17. Plumbing Construction Materials

18. Pipe Supports

19. Meter Keys and Probing Rods

20. Plumbing Tools

21. No-Hub Couplings

22. Containers and Lids