Black Swan Manufacturing Co.

4540 W. Thomas Street
Chicago, IL  60651-3318
Fax: 1-773-227-3705



With over 270 products in our line, Black Swan can meet your plumbing chemical needs. 


New Products


Black Swan Manufacturing has added many new products to our line. Read more to view our list of new products. 



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Find quality plumbing products at competitive prices in our Black Swan store! We provide same day and next day service whenever necessary.

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International Orders


We accept orders from most countries. Please contact us so we can assist you. Please call 773-227-3700 or email us at

Manufactured Products


Our major manufactured products include plumbers putty, pipe joint compounds, hand cleaners, wax gaskets, pipe lubricants, cutting oils, solvent cements & more.

Distribution Products


Major products that we distribute are PTFE Tape, sand cloth, open mesh cloth, containers and lids, brushes, closet bolts, water meter keys and no-hub couplings.

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