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Marking Paint and Tapes

Marking Paint

Black Swan's Marking Paint is a heavy duty, industrial paint with a water base formula that is fast drying, durable and non-clogging. Use in marking construction, excavation sites, underground utilities, landscaping, etc. and will not wash away or damage 
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Marking Gun

Black Swan's Marking Gun is a compact and light-weight tool used to apply marking paint in a wide range of marking applications. 
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Marking Wand

Black Swan's Marking Wand is a light-weight tool used to apply marking paint in a wide range of marking applications. The marking wand is approximately 3 feet in length to make application of paint easy. 
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Detectable Marking Tape

Black Swan's Detectable Marking Tape is a superior detectable marking tape used for location and early warning protection for non-metallic underground lines. With proper detection equipment this tape is easily located. All printing is encapsulated in th 
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Caution Tape

Black Swan's Caution Tape is a brightly colored yellow polyethylene tape printed with large bold black lettering making your "caution" message impossible to miss. The tape is 4 mils strong and can be handled and tied like rope.¬† 
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Fluorescent Flagging Tape

Black Swan's¬†Fluorescent Flagging Tape is constructed from high quality PVC. The fluorescent color of red and orange are UV stabilized to provide for long lasting retention. Used for surveying, mapping, tagging, roping off an area or any other marking a 
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